Let's Make Robots!
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Since my school days I have been interested in computers and computer science, and have already begun to program at age 17.
Over time, I learned some programming and I started very late with about 24 years of studying economics computer science, for which I have previously written the way for software firms smaller programs.
During my studies, I came up with the first versions of Linux in contact and increased my interest in Linux. And I did an internship at Motorola and also got knowledge with other Unix forks.
After graduation, I worked more as an administrator and less in the programming, because it was more me. Nevertheless, I worked even further apart as a hobby programming.
Since around the end of 2010 I am in early retirement, and I consider computer science only as a private hobby. Linux and networking technologies are still my main interest. I'm only doing programming with shell scripts and Perl, rarely sometimes with C/C++. I was never a good programmer. ;-)
Since I also deal with RC model boats as a hobby, I came by chance on the robotic. Robotic fascinated me for a long time, but now I want to start trying to build something myself.