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Controlling 48 V motor

I wanna control 6 motors of 48V through arduino, How can I controll them??

Need help in choosing the board or microcontroller

I have been searchinf for hours adnd now I have came here to get some help in my problem.
I wanna control 6 dc motors of 48V. I wanna run them through image processing, So kindly suggest me some board or microcontroller for this. I have looked at arduino and raspberry pi. But I am confused which one I should get??????

And my next question is that I have calculated distance b/w object and my robot through image processing, now how I can send this distance to robot's motor that should move for some specific time???????????

Guidance on controlling motors and image processing


I am building a new robot in which I'm using image processing. I have connected  a camera to laptop and doing image processing through Matlab.

Now, I want to controll motors through my laptop. How I can do this? Mean how I can connect motors to my laptop?
And next thing is that how I can interlink matlab and motor's controll code, so that motors run following the image processing.