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Making a humanoid, guidanace needed

Hello everyone,
Am planning to make a humaoid,just a one which walks.
with 6-8 servos. Am not sure which microcontroller to use, will a arduino Uno be better than picaxe 40X2 or picaxe 28X2 in picaxe 28 starter board for this project?
am new to adruino bt a little familiar with picaxe.
The robot has to walk first(for biginning),then i will try to upgrade it.
I have ordered some servos: 

RF connection

  i would like to connect a accelerometer to a RF transmitter nd the RF receiver to my picaxe 28 board having picaxe 28X1micro  controller,.
 can anyone tell me how to connect the trasmitter to the accelerometer nd the receiver to picaxe.

I ws thinking of buying this RF transmitter nd receiver-http://probots.co.in/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22&products_id=29 

Is this circuit correct??


I have made a Picaxe 28 board circuit. i dont know if its correct please help me correct it.i made this circuit using DesignSpark PCB. This is my first time making a circuit board.I would also like to buil this PCB myself. I have refferd to some tutorials on making homemade pcbs but am confused ,in some they say dont use sand paper while in others use sand paper nd all Am really confused. can anyone plz suggest me a good tutorial.This is my circuit-

IMIM board 


it avoids obstacles.navigates via IR
Using a
This is my first robot ever.. Its based on the Fritzl's start here bot.I got a lot of help from the other LMRians. thanks a lot to all who have helped me in making … Read more

Is this program correct??

My robot is only moving forward with this program. am usinf a SHARP IR 2Y0A21.. when i place my hands in front of it,it stops and then starts moving forward and wont turn to any side. this is my program..-

Symbol danger = 160

symbol turn = 200

symbol servo_turn = 700

main: readadc 0, b1 if b1 < danger then gosub nodprob else gosub whichway end if

goto main

noprob: high 5 : high 6 : low 4 : low 7 gosub whichway return

whichway: wait 1

gosub lturn



readadc 0, b1

wait 1

gosub rturn

How do i program a PICAXE-28X1 microcontroller chip using serial cable.

Well am new to making robots.am using a PICAXE-28X1 microcontroller chip with a picaxe 28 starter board.when I connect my board to computer using serial cable it is not responding. Am using a picaxe programming editor for programing.when I connect my board to a 4.8V my pic nd L293D is getting hot. Can anyone please help me with this. I really wanted to make a robot. My pic is pre-programmed with bootstrap loader program..Well am new to making robots.