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World's happiest countries



Found a map of the world's happiest countires. Im Glad USA happy, be a shock if it werent.

ViPER Versatile Programmable Experimental Robot ViPER is not done as of now, but I do have The Motherboard (18F4620) and the LCD board done. I am working on … Read more
Coil guns operate on a force of energy called Joules. You can convert joules into any force of energy, such as horse power, etc. The basics of a coil gun … Read more

Ping))) or SRF05?

I would like to get some sonar sensors, but I cannot decide if I should get the parallax PING))) or the SRF05?


Which one to pick?

This is just the base of the upcoming PIC controlled robot that can be easily swapped out with new control circuitry when needed. The video is just the robot … Read more

World's Longest word (ludricrious long)

here you go for the world's longest word (189,000+ Letters long)


KALSABER is an autonomous Light seeking robot that can Track a light source with a hacked servo head, and will proceed to follow it. KALSABER v1.0 Krumlink's … Read more

I ordered a yellow tread package Just Like Frtisl :)

I ordered yellow treads from www.solarbotics.com because I saw the Yellow drum machine and REALLY enjoyed it.


Should be here in a week or so :)