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Join the LMR CAD Team! We (Krumlink and -Gary) are a group of Experienced CAD users capable of designing stuff in CAD! We use the STEP file types to share files between all (Autodesk and SolidWorks) software. Put your name in below, and begin collaborative CAD design!


This post will be improved upon later, but we will post our collaborated CAD drawings, etc

Large res LMR banners and pictures?

Hey LMR'ers have you found any high res/large LMR banners, pictures, logos? Im looking for some big ones so I dont have to resize the tiny ones.


Swap: Looking for GM10 motor and wheel

Im looking for somebody who wants to trade me a GM10 geared pagermotor for something that I have. I have a lot of stuff, so if you have the GM10 motor and wheel, and want to trade me it for something, let me know.

Looking for foam tires that you can mount to a servo

I have been looking around the internets for foam tires that are made to mount to a servo horn. Any links?

Dual 18F4620 board with supporting 18F2525 for display

Right now I am working on my master-slave-slave board that will suit my needs for a long time. It has a master 4620, that communicates to another 4620 for processor assistance.

 4620 MASTER: Spaces for 5 servos, rs232, I2C, sn754410 motor controller, 8 ADC channels, 2x5 header so it is expandable into another board.

4620 SLAVE: Setting switches, proximity IR sensors (8 for complete sensing), speaker, encoders (rear and front for a car drive bot, left and right for 2 wheel operation), 38khz IR led driver, bumper switches and spaces for 6 servos I2C.

Docking Logic

Here is a good article for everybody working on dock logic


LMR Skype Event!

Everybody post your Skype usernames so we can add eachother! Skype is a free IM that supports audio and video communication. You can call Land lines but you have to pay for it after that. On a later date, we will have a LMR skype event, with everybody with mics and video. It will be great!

Skype name: Krumlink

Solarbotics treads for sale/swap


Solarbotics tread package, looking for trade. Yellow, GM9 Motors (ask to include). 2 Idlers and Driver cogs. Pre assembled. Motors lightly used. Wired. One yellow tread on each set (20 per side) is colored black with sharpie to test optical encoders. Inconclusive. Asking for Tamiya tread package and gearbox. Propose other deal or price. Send private message.

World's happiest countries



Found a map of the world's happiest countires. Im Glad USA happy, be a shock if it werent.