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Com. between Android & Fez Panda

Hi Guys
Im planning to use my old Galaxy S3 for a sort of display/face for my small bot.
So i want to have some sort of way to communicate between my phone and my Fez Panda 2 board...

As i see it i got 3 possible ways to do this, WiFi, Bluetooth or USB.
I would love to do this over usb, but not sure if its possible ? My experiance with USB comm. is that it seems at bit complicated...

Any ideas, or experiences? 

Is my servo defect? (fast one way, struggle the other)

I bought a pan/tilt kit from nodna.de, with 2 micro servos...
I hooked them up to my Fez Panda II's PWM and 5V power, then made a simple program to move them  from all the way left to right.

But when i run it, it moves really fast to one side, then it struggles to move the other way, nearly dont move...?
Same problem with both of them... sounds like they dont have the power to turn... ?

Could there be somthing im doing wrong? or are they just simply defect? 


Serial Com. the right way?


Hi Guys.

Ive been using alot of UART communication between my panda II and bluetooth, and from pc, vice versa.

But always pretty simple things, like sending a text. waiting for it, then maybe reply back..

But i just started on a small robot project, and i control my servos via bluetooth from my computer. (Virtual serial port, to my itead BT shield).

And i just send text commands like "up" "down" "left" "right" "stop" to control my servos.

but i now plan to add a ultra sound range finder (Paralax "Ping)))").