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Looking for an accelerometer

I am in the market for an accelerometer and figured I'd ask the LMR forum before I ran out an bought one. I have tons of goodies to swap; iDuino, Vex pneumatics, omni wheels, etc.

Any takers?

Building Circuit Diagram Software

I have seen quite a few folks on here replying to others with circuit diagrams. My question is what software does everyone use/prefer? I know some use Photoshop or Illustrator. Anything else anyone would reccomend?




The goal is to allow 2 PICAXE chips to speak with each other via IR.

What receiver and transmitter have you all had success with. Where can I purchase? (links?)

Thanks all.


I have looked over CtCs post regarding similar issues with his LCD, but still can get mine to budge. I was hoping to get some guidance on my issue. The issue being I can't get the LCD to work or interface with my PICAXE. Like Ctc, I am using the serial backpack from SparkFun. Here is my code:

Sharp IR Sensor with PICAXE-40x1 Oddity

I am using both a PICAXE-40x1 and a Sharp IR proximity sensor.

My issue is: when I download my code to the PICAXE chip the program editor throws an error saying "cable unplugged, floating pin, etc." When I pull the ground wire on the sensor, the code will download. Clearly an issue with the sensor or how I have it wired. Per the sensor schematic, I have power, ground and signla all wired in.

Has anyone run into anything similar?



Someone once mentioned it is possible to program a PICAXE in C. Is this true? Anyone have any experience with this? This seems odd since I thought all a PICAXE was is a PIC with a BASIC interpreter.

Just curious...

Suggest me a motor controller

I am researching motor controllers and am looking to try something new. Previously I have used the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x5 and am looking for something in the same ballpark.

The controller will interface with a PICAXE 40x. So please feel free to shoot me some suggestions.



Working with encoders

I just got my BaneBot 36mm encoders(pdf) all hook up and calibrated yet I am not fully sure how to work with the A/B signal lines.

I am trying to solve the issue of not being able to run a straight line, or compensate for mechanical imperfections, etc.

Any help getting started would be huge!

PICAXE-08M Zapped?

I have a PICAXE-08M that I belive is zapped. Not sure how I would have killed it but the program editor will no longer download code to it. When I check the firmware, it see's that it is an 08M, etc. 1) Can I confirm the death of this chip for sure? 2) Is it possible to ressurect the chip?

Worth mentioning, we can eliminate the USB, program, or circuit being the point of failure since my 14M works just fine.

Thanks in advance.

17" Powerbook Anyone?

So this might be a tad out of this forum's scope, but I also have a 17" first generation powerbook I am looking to let go. 1Ghz processor and 867MB ram. Has 1 cosmetic ding in the lower right corner. An iSight and few other goodies can be included if interested. Check the pics and shoot me an offer.