Let's Make Robots!

Robot vacuum cleaner, thoughts?

So I've build the tutorial robot and me and a friend want to do something more challenging. We've decided to re-use the parts of the tutorial robot and make a similar robot, this time with a vacuum cleaning goal. It's not the goal to make one for personal use or even a good working one, it's for a school project so if it moves around and vacuum cleans a little bit it's good enough.

Raw sketch of the body, wheels and sensors (Sensors are red, wheels black, body is large rectangle): 

Tutorial robot stops working

I build the tutorial robot yesterday and it worked perfectly. I wanted to test it again to day.


The robot should drive forwards untill it comes against an obstalce. The robot should stop, look to both sides and then pick one side to drive towards. When I tested it out again today, the robot stops immediately, looks to both sides, turns to one side and then only drives half a centimeter before he stops again to look both sides. This keeps repeating and repeating even though there is infront of the robot. I directly copied the code from the website.

Problem with connecting the IR sensor

I am trying to connect the IR sensor from the tutorial to the project board. However my wires are messed up. In the picture that comes with the tutorial:

The red wire on the left side of the sensor goes into the outermost pin, the middle black wire goes into the innermost pin and the right white wire goes into the middle.

Does experimenting help learning you to build robots yourself?

Hi, I'm fairly new with Robotics. I've been interested in all kinds of Sciences for a long time. After I saw a Video on a Wewssite about a robotic Dragonfly and a robotic lizard that could walk aswell swim using it's tail, I decided to look for things online to get started on Robotics. 

So far I've only found tutorials, books and video with titles like: 'Learn how to build your first robot', 'Learn how to build a robot', 'Your first robot' etcetera.