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is there any way to fix wheel with dead spots?

i have printed an omniwheel to use in my robot

problem is, i noticed that during the rotation, the wheel is "floating" for some period, i have marked the problematic region ,

i tried to put isolierband there, but it's not solving the problem in 100%, and the trade-off is the movement of the little wheels.

i noticed that the problem might be the part that cis connected to the shaft.

is there anyway to use this wheel? i want to avoid reprint it.


help designing PrintBot

i have a kit that allow me to print with HP cartdige (like the old parallax inkjet kit), i want to place it on wheels to make it print on page in straight lines.

the bot will be powered by external 12-9V DC, and it should not move the paper it's on.

i figured that i should use stepper motor to make it move in a constant speed.

i need help designing the bot, choosing the motors and the wheels.

the dimesions should be something like 4x4 cm


friction problem with a small robot that should drive on paper

hello, i want to make a little plotter robot, it should be put on a paper and drive on it and to plot.

my problem right now is the driving system, i used a little modified RC car, (i made the required modifications to make it Arduino controlled car), the problem is that when the wheels touch the paper they move it, i want to make the robot move freely on the paper and to make the plot as accurate as possible by not moving the paper.

do you have any suggestion?