Let's Make Robots!
PROJECT CONTINUED! So I found a motor from a toy. Works fine. The same speed as the other. But I still have the problem with the whole robot turning. I'll post a … Read more

Selling robots

Anyone ever had the idea of making and then selling toy robots? Or even useful robots? Or did anyone even did it and was somewhat succesful at making some money? This idea always appealed to me, to make homemade toy robots. Kinda feels like an idyllic idea to me, something I'd like to do for a living rather than anything else really. But I don't think it's very profitable. 

Working with aluminium

Does anyone know a good free online book on how to work with aluminium? Or a complete online course, like on YouTube. I've searched myself but I don't quite know what's worth spending time reading/watching. I'm interested in something that gives info on types of aluminium, probably even melting and moulding it, tools needed and how to work with those tools. 

Turning too much

So the robot I built is a two-wheeler, well three-wheeler, its got one small rotating wheel on the back. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure distance. My problem is that I'm having hard time making him go straight. Neither of the two DC motor driven wheels is more powerful than the other, they rotate at the same speed, and I programed them to do so.