Let's Make Robots!
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Parameters: 1. Input voltage: DC6~35V 2, Output voltage: DC1.0~35V 3, Conversion efficiency: 90%  5, Maximum input current: 7A (long hours, please enhance heat … Read more

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Cheap MICRO USB Control 5V 2-Channel Relay Module $4.56 with Free Shipping

MICRO USB Control 5V 2-Channel Relay Module $4.56

It's equiped with the USB and Serial port which can connect to the PC and other devices conveniently.
The normal working voltage of this module is 5V and it has the 5V power port.

Anyone has made the Big Hero 6 Baymax?

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Build 18 DOF Robot Black Spider Robot

We had built this Spider robot with 18 pcs servo motors and it can "dance "  
and finish push-up under the control of the Servo Motor Controller Robot Contorller.
Here is the video which is full of fun. Listen to the background music.