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About PN100

Hi there Ma'ams, Sirs,

I would go directly ask my question about PN100.. I dont know what was really its purpose in some of the circuits, like Mr. OddBot's IR eye compound.. I dont know how it works... I tried to search it in google (http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/MM/MMBT100.pdf) ..yeah, I'm sorry for your disappointment that I just dont know about those stuffs to be honest..  Then I tried to search in youtube, but I got no answer.. (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=PN100+tutorials)


Mmm.. about PN100

sorry sirs,ma'ams,

I do a lot of reaserch about the PN100..in youtube and google..Yeah I got an answer on google...but it seems like i dont understand this http://www.futurlec.com/Transistors/PN100.shtml ... and i got no answer from youtube..http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=PN100+tutorial


I just really want to know about its purpose on the IR compound eye of Sir Oddbot..Cause, I do really study all things realted into a stuff


I would just like to beg your answers, 


Delay of turning either left or right

Excuse me Sir LMRians,

I already have the needed materials here for a robot like what Mr. OddBot's http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29105 . and I'm planning to have the design that wouldn't like a puppy, but it may look like wall-e...and also, im using 2 IR range sensors instead of IR Compound light sensor(cause i still dont know how to use IR Light sensors),and i would like to do the same thing what the puppy bot of Mr. Oddbot...


inorder to let the bot follow a human, i would like to do like this


IR light sensor

sorry sir..

i just want to ask a stupid question for a newbie..


i would like to use IR light sensor to detect objects..of course its with an emitter...

1. what if i will not use any components like (LED,Buzzers, etc..) 

like for example..insted, i would like to move the robot's body to the position of an object.

EX. if left IR detects object...i would like to turn the robot to left..

2. I dont know how to determine the robot when to stop if its already on its front..

3. i dont know how to program IR lights with its receiver..

IR Sensor

Can the IR sensor detect an object that tell its size like " its size is blah blah Height, Its Length is blah blah blah," Or can you suggest some sensors that can detect the size... (if there is)

can I connect another red wire in the vcc2 of a L293D?

I wanted to make a rbot that uses 5 standard servos, then from the diagram, I already connected a red wire from the Vcc 2, then can i insert another wire?