Let's Make Robots!
  i did not want to use the normal methods of a balcing robot.... so i just but a big hunk a metal under the axle. bot demensions 43x43x82 brain: … Read more
unlocks when knock in the correct way
So basically it's just a box that unlocks when you knock the secret knock, the locks when you get it wrong If anyone else wants to make one here’s the … Read more

newping library delay problems

HELLO, I’ve been trying to use the new ping library with 3x us-100 ultrasonic sensors. And it works perfect with the included “newping15sensor” sketch but........ Unfortunately it does not allow delays in the code that are over 33milliseconds. And that simple will not do. So I tried to write my own multi ultrasonic sensor code that did not include the newping library. But that sorter failed. So I was wonder how everyone else deals with this. I looked around for ages but did not find any code.



tamiya dual gear box voltage

 i have a tamiya dual gear box.  and i dont really know what voltage i should run them at. some people say 3v others say 6v.

so i have come to you guys for help!

 i want to know what voltage you guys run them at and if you have fried any motors? 


the one i have looks like this https://www.sparkfun.com/products/319




it just drives around and shoots Nerf bullets at people
Using a
it took me while to work out how to use the cheapo motor driver, but once i did it worked pretty good  once the remote is turned off / goes out of range, it will … Read more
just another light seeking robot  41mm wheel base  iphone for size comparison 14cm x 8cm x 7cm   parts list Read more
Originally this was going to be a bicycle light seeking robot, but what the heck it turned into an object avoiding trike lol.  Read more
right now all it does is avoid obstacles, but i hope to program it to have other functions.   Read more