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High Torque Servo With Arduino

Hello LMR!

Recently I have been playing around with the Wii nunchuck and Arduino. Specifically this code:


Arduino Serial to Processing

Ok, thanks for helping me with my last question, but now I have another one...

I am currently trying to make a robot with a tactile switch at the front. When that tactile switch is pushed down the robot reverses and turns around. Here is the cool part though, when the switch is pushed down it will also send data to processing, causing a face to jitter onscreen. So far I have been able to make the code for the face jitter (except on mouse over) Here is the code if anybody is curious:

Arduino Motor Control Code Help

I am currently using a arduino duemilanove, and it is awesome. I have been playing around with it for a couple of days now, and I really like it. Anyways I figured it was time to start to building a robot. I decided to start with the motors. For the motor control I decided to use guibot's tutorial. It worked fine, but the motors only traveled in one direction. Because I wanted the motors to also travel in reverse too I decided to experiment with my own code (on only one motor) that looks something like this:

Picaxe Not Connecting

Well for some reason the new picaxe software is not working at all for me. My computer is not connecting to the picaxe. I have my chip in the right way, I have done a reset, I have made sure in the options it is on the right setting (08, and com1) I have 4.5 volts, and I have even changed the batteries. I don't even get any blue in the download progress board. I just get the same error message. It is really annoying as the old program editor was able to connect without a problem. Anybody have any ideas?


Well recently I have been reading about LCD's and trying to figure out how I would use them with a picaxe 28x1. I am pretty sure you use a serout command followed by a number that corresponds with where you want the dot on the lcd. Bottom line though is that I have no idea how I would wire A LCD to the picaxe28x1 or how I would exactly program it. And what exactly is the baud rate? If possible could somebody please help explain this confusion to me? 

Servo Oddness

Ok, just got sensors and servos for my robot. I am using a picaxe 28x1 . Here's the thing, I know there is a bug in the picaxe a.4 firmware and it may cause servo problems. When I do  the servo command (servo 0,150 etc.) the servo does not do anything. When I plug in the battery pack (I am using two power sources) the servo buzzes a little bit thats all. I assume that this is because of the buggy firmware. When researching this bug on LMR I discovered that some people got their servo to work by using servo 7,150 when the servo was plugged into digital input 0.

Wiring two seperate power supplies on a 28x1

Ok, I feel really really stupid asking another easy beginner question, but I checked the picaxe manuals and a bunch of posts including fritls's 28x1 for dummies tip/walkthrough and couldn't find a answer I could really understand. My question is where do I wire in a second power source (v2) for servos in the picaxe 28x1?  Thanks in advance for putting up with my beginner questions

Digital Input Trouble. PART 2!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry to bring you guys another annoying beginner question, but here it is:

My old code was working fine and still is, but there was a minor problem. That minor problem was that if the robot hit a corner at the a small angle the switch would not activate until it was too late. The solution was to add a switch to the other side and connect it to v1 and digital input 6. Note: I am using a picaxe 28x1 with l293d motor driver. Anyways the problem is that the new switch does not seem to be working. Again, I think it is the fault of my code. Here is my code:

digital input trouble

ok guys, building my first picaxe robot and I have a question about the switch I hooked up.

I have a switch wired to digital input 7 and V1 and this is my code

if pin7 = 0 then foreward
goto main

low 4 high 5
high 6 low 7
goto main

for some reason when the switch is pressed or let go nothing happpens.

Any ideas why it is not working?