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This is a secondary documentation page for my Senior Project for highschool, I'm building a cnc router with a budget of $700 bucks. Basically, the plan is to build … Read more
Uses current generated on coils in stepper to act as an encoder
Pretty simple circuit I found, you may have to play with the resistor values to get the output to logic level depending on your steppper.It uses two voltage … Read more
Takes PWM signals then feeds to an H-Bridge
Okey Dokey,  What I Have here is a relatively simple way to control 2 low to mid current motors with no fancy integrated circuits. This is just a nothing special … Read more
Okay, The first one was okay, but in six weeks, I have to go to the West Point military academy and compete in four more events, one being Sumo Bots. "We can … Read more
MIGHTY BOTS   Build a bot with the highest Power to weight ratio!Two classes, PUSHERS and PULLERS Rules maximum voltage of 18vwieght in grams/kilogramsEfficiency … Read more
 Oh, yeah, the low cost is due to the fact that we (built with a classmate) used all scrap parts except for hookup wire Okay, so this project is SUMO BOT for new … Read more

right angle 12v 83rpm gear motor


 Does anyone have experience with this motor or a similar one?

I just want a review before me and a couple of other kids spend 68 bucks on 'em, lol

Vex robotics kit

Ok, well my dad wants to go 50/50 with me on the vex R/C starter bundle here, Can I have some reviews on the overall system? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum