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right angle 12v 83rpm gear motor


 Does anyone have experience with this motor or a similar one?

I just want a review before me and a couple of other kids spend 68 bucks on 'em, lol

Vex robotics kit

Ok, well my dad wants to go 50/50 with me on the vex R/C starter bundle here, Can I have some reviews on the overall system? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum

Help with 18x Electric Vehicle code

I'm working on some code for an event in Science Olmpiad in New york, the code below should check input 2 for a high signal, then jump to sub Diselect, then check for the pins for the right combonations of inputs to then jump to the assosiated sub, the subs take a plse input from an optointerupt and record the length of the pulse to w0, it wil pulse the servo until w0 is equal to the assigned number.