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Analog input 1?

Hey guys.

 I ordered and recieved most of my things and was building my first robot! (looks like crap, but hey, off with the looks)

Anyhow, i was going though the manual in the START HERE page. At one point it simply says to plug the singal wire to Analagod Input 1. Fine, i thought. BUT WHERE THE HELL IS IT???


Argh! I have a PICAXE 28X1 board,but I'll include a few pictures anyway.


Any help would be appreciated.


Can someone explain to me the big hype about those fancy Arduino boards I've been seeing around?

 Hell, or simply post up a link to something that describes it's functionality/usefulness compared to the Picaxe series.



Hey guys,


I was planning on getting the Picaxe book (seems pretty offcial) on TechSupplies;

Anyone already have it or does anyone actually recommend it?




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Hey guys,


I was just wondering if the SRF05 and the Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor - 11.5" / Analogue have the same basic function (which I thought was simply scanning and analyzing what it sees)



Argh! I want my robot gear!

Hey guys. Well I ordered these today and hopefully I'll be getting these in less than 2 weeks!


What do you think? (I simply copied the list from my invoice, so the pricing and everything is there.


Am I missing anything? Or would you recommend something else?

10 Piece(s)


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