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Processing mapping project

Project verview: 


mapping system using serial comms and processing 



I can do the coding and datbase side of things, hardware will be dependant on everyones robots but i use arduino and plan to go n to a beagle board i nthe long run and Cris uses pic so we should be able to make this pretty portable for everyones projects.


At the moment im working on a nice GUI(Graphical User Interface) to make it easier to see whats happening and hopefully cut down on development time.


Ideas anyons time :D  


So :)


There seems to be a good ammount of people here from both the picaxe and arduino camps, im an arduino man myself and havent really played with any pic kits.


What id like to know is if there is any advantage with one over the other, or even any other alternatives?

Whats your preference on things?  

AI for your bot?

Eliza is an algorythum written in the 60's by a dude called Joseph Weizenbaum. Here is a sample program as a web applet.  



 Could this be a semi easy to use answer to giving a robot a persnality? 

help with vga wireless


Im about to start the next part in my project which is building a wirelss camera to build in my projects. Im starting this with absolutely no idea how it is going to work and if it is going tow work. Im hoping someone here may be able to point me in the right direction. The main idea of this post is for me to share my idea and see if anyone has any constructive input or critisism on it. 


The camera i have is :

maplin cmos camera 

Hacked burgalar alarm

First off, if any of you know any Scottish people, get them to try and say "Purple burgalar alarm", they cant and just end up sounding silly. Its amazing. Just add Whisky for better results. 




Now, my burgalar alarm keeps going off when the battery goes flat or we have a power cut, which is pretty annoying. So as we dont use it any more because of the cats ive been given  permission from the long haired chief that i can hack it and see what i come up with. 


So im open to ideas.



Saturday afternoon

Its a nice warm saturday afternoon and im sat here with my headphones on listening to music while my missus sleeps and my daughter is out swimming, theres a window next to me with a great view of the world going by and im about to start working on my cat laser project.


Im trying to make a power supply for it so ive got lots of soldering to do this afternoon, im hoping i can get the hardware built so i can start programing this afternoon.


What are all of your plans for your weekend and what are you all up to at the moment?  

Airborne bot

I thought i would move this to here for now as its taking up space on the home page that could be used by more interesting proects. 



Artduino/processing resource

Was just looking for a good example to use to test my light sensor out and found this site: 




Looks pretty handy for examples.