Let's Make Robots!

Saturday afternoon

Its a nice warm saturday afternoon and im sat here with my headphones on listening to music while my missus sleeps and my daughter is out swimming, theres a window next to me with a great view of the world going by and im about to start working on my cat laser project.


Im trying to make a power supply for it so ive got lots of soldering to do this afternoon, im hoping i can get the hardware built so i can start programing this afternoon.


What are all of your plans for your weekend and what are you all up to at the moment?  

Airborne bot

I thought i would move this to here for now as its taking up space on the home page that could be used by more interesting proects. 



Artduino/processing resource

Was just looking for a good example to use to test my light sensor out and found this site: 




Looks pretty handy for examples.  

Wish list

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i wasnt sure where to put it. 


Ive just been given £100 for christmas which i plan to spend on components. Im still to make my mind up as to what to spend it on. So im looking to you 'orrible lot for ideas.


What's on your wishlist at the moment?  

This is Guilbot, he is my first robot. He uses an arduino, a ping sensor, one servo and two motors provided with the chasis which used to be an RC tank. Currently … Read more


Heres a video of the little scamp in action.



Thought i would introduce myself since im new here and to robots in general.


Im john im a 28 year old programmer, LAMP mainly but a little java here and there. im working on one main project at the moment, guilbot. He's been a great learning curve for me and im hoping i can expand on him, this site is going to come in very handy.  


Anyway im friendly so say hi :D