Let's Make Robots!

Saturday afternoon

Its a nice warm saturday afternoon and im sat here with my headphones on listening to music while my missus sleeps and my daughter is out swimming, theres a window next to me with a great view of the world going by and im about to start working on my cat laser project.


Im trying to make a power supply for it so ive got lots of soldering to do this afternoon, im hoping i can get the hardware built so i can start programing this afternoon.


What are all of your plans for your weekend and what are you all up to at the moment?  

Airborne bot

I thought i would move this to here for now as its taking up space on the home page that could be used by more interesting proects. 



Artduino/processing resource

Was just looking for a good example to use to test my light sensor out and found this site: 




Looks pretty handy for examples.  

This is Guilbot, he is my first robot. He uses an arduino, a ping sensor, one servo and two motors provided with the chasis which used to be an RC tank. Currently … Read more


Heres a video of the little scamp in action.



Thought i would introduce myself since im new here and to robots in general.


Im john im a 28 year old programmer, LAMP mainly but a little java here and there. im working on one main project at the moment, guilbot. He's been a great learning curve for me and im hoping i can expand on him, this site is going to come in very handy.  


Anyway im friendly so say hi :D