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How to run low volt LED with high voltage?

I'm trying to put in a small indicator LED in my car that turns on whenever the brake lights come on.  I want to wire it to the same power line that the brake lights are attached to, so that whenever the switch is pressed and the brakes come on, that same power turns on the indicator LED.

Now, I'm aware I could just get a 12 volt LED, but I really don't want to do this.  It's not as much about functionality as it is about my personal learning.

Help point me in the right direction, servo controllers

I need some electronic circuitry help.  I'm building a door.  The door is going to be controlled by one servo.  I am trying to get it so that by pressing one button it goes to the open position and by pressing another button it goes to the close position.  How would I go about doing this?  I've been reading up like crazy about lm555 circuits and controllers but I just don't know how to apply that, if it's even possible.

Remote Controlling With Picaxe 08m

Is it possible to use a TV remote as a remote control and a ir receiver and a picaxe 08m to recieve the signal and control 2 or 3 motors?  If so, can somebody teach me exactly how to connect it and how to program it?


I have no clue what a transistor can do and how to use it in a circuit or even what for.  I know that if i look at the flat side emitter is on the left base is in the center and collector is on the right, I think.

Run away robot

I don't have a enough skill to do it, yet, but it would be cool for one of you to make a robot that runs away and hides.  I was thinking you could make it go to the darkest part of the room and wait until it hears sound coming to it (with several mics pointing in each direction) and run away from it.  Or just one that hears and runs away.

Add-ons to the "bristlebot"

Have any of you added something cool to your bristlebots to make them do something cool (like obstacle avoidance, remote control, etc.)?