Let's Make Robots!

Finally, dedicated robot-building corner! Hurray! :D

Hey, everybody!

I just got myself dedicated robot building place! Finally!!! Hurray!!! :D

Now, all my robot stuff is in one place :) And (the most important thing!) locked away from my 9 month old daughter:)

On this positive waive I have started working on my next robot project: WallBouncerBot. His first picture:

His chassis is complete. And I will post details soon, I hope :D

Lego mindstorms books to go.[gone]

Ok, I've got these two books about Lego mindstorms as a prize for my LadyBugBot winning the RobotBox online competition lying around for a long time. Now, as I dig them out, I definitely know I will not be reading them for a long time... So, they are looking for a new owner, who is interested in Lego NXT. The books are:

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Ok, finally, my new project :)

Yes, I'm starting a new project! This is what I've got:

A funny phonendoscope cover and a piece of PVC pipe. This robot will be the first of IBS (Isotope's Baby Series). I call it series as I hope there will be more robots which I build for my baby daughter. I will be posting my progress and more photos are coming. :D

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Night light transformations

Ok, I've just bought a nice sun-moon wall thingey, which I am going to transfer into my night light . More than that, I will upgrade the functionality, that is, the moon will be functioning like old night light: light up for a minute when ambient light is down the threshold. But the sun will be lighting up if hand is being waived in front of it and stay on til another wave. And I hope to finish the transformation before the year end. :)