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How to send Lego PF IR signal to PF receiver from PC?

I have a Lego RCX IR tower (http://www.robotika.sk/mains.php?page=/projects/robsapien/irtower.php), it can be used to communicate with RCX by LNP protocol (same as brickOS protocol http://lnphost.sourceforge.net/brickos.html).

Now I want to know if I can use this IR tower to send LEGO PF IR protocol to PF receiver? You can find PF IR protocol hear (http://www.philohome.com/pf/LEGO_Power_Functions_RC_v120.pdf).

I tried to use SetCommBreak, ClearCommBreak and nanosleep to create mark, pause, start, stop, high and low, is this possible?