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Collapsable colorcoded codesections for the blogs and forums.

Does letsmakerobots.com have support for such a feature?, it would imo. be perfect for posting c/asm/basic code and snippets, even long ones, without spamming up a whole page.
My first robot project, after fritsl's great tutorial, with my own ideas added on with what to do with it in the future, the ds's is showing a bit in the picture, … Read more

How to tell what from where on ribboncables?

I'm a bit stuck with a thing, the ribbon cables, I have no idea how to read them.


the only thing I know now is that the red cable is the first one, but I have no idea which pin it is associated with, or how to read the successing cables in the ribbon after the first one.


basicly, which cable goes to which pin when you are working with ribbon cables? :) 

Them wheels

Following the wonderful walkthrough for the first robot I'm still stuck at waiting for the wheels to arrive from hobbyelectronics.. oh the wait!


since I have everything else I should probably improvise :)