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Use of the Website

Sorry but these stupid questions are not actually about robots as such. They are actually about how to use the LMR website. I couldn't find anywhere else on the site to raise these questions so my apologies if I'm doing something wrong. I have searched the site, found a few dusty corners I'd never noticed before, a few faqs and guides but still haven't found the answers I'm looking for.

Nosy's New Brain


Your advice would be appreciated on the choice of micro-controllers and programming languages for a new outdoors, autonomous mobile robot, already named Nosy. Built to take part in Robo-Magellan type contests (if such were ever to be held in this country!!) this robot would be used to develop new systems and processes as well as 'just for fun'.

I've been through these forums, and similar ones on other boards, but have found no obvious solution. None of the suggestions seem powerful enough for my design.