Let's Make Robots!
App controlled, android
Second robot! Here's my try to make a low cost, portable, educational, robot:) Dagu Mini driver+HC05 + other sensors. Read more

Reverse engineering OWI robot arm

Ok i got to play with a OWI robot arm, so i tried to hack it with microbrains.
The arm is driven with 5 dc motors and a light.
It's connected to a digital controller trough a 8pin ribbon cable.
the connections in the ribbon cable are
0 left + vcc
1 base rotate left/right
2 1 segment up/down
3 2 segment up/down
4 3 segment up/down
5 pincer open/close
6 light on/off
7 right + vcc

connecting 1,2,3,4,5,6 to 0 makes the first action; connecting 1,2,3,4,5,6 to 7 does the opposite action.

Decision tree for debugging robots

I want to make a web tool to help new people to debug bot related problem, based on decision trees.
it would be something like this:
"the bot doesn't move
        check the wires, it's all connected?
        it doesn't go straight?

Recharging 4mimh aa with solar panel

The solar panel provides 6.57v and 40mA on full sun. Would this be enough to charge 4 aa NiMh 1.2v batteries wired in series?

How i can wire it up to the battery, and get some feedback of the charging process?

How i can links to components used in my robot?

info panel

How i can add links to what is used in my robots like the panel in the image?
Adding info in additional information seems not working.

Let's build a 3d printer!


The K8200 3D drag printer kit(aluminium bars under the table)

X-carriage mounted!

STL Viewer (beta)

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How to make a medium size robot. Let's make a guide!

Now we have wonderful tutorials for making beginners and small robots, but bigger robot need stronger frame, motors, bigger batteries and can do much more work.

There are good examples of medium size robots here, but it would be useful to me and maybe others if there is a good comparison of various motors and drivers, how to get them and what to care about to avoid crashes and dangers.

A board or PCB with arduino, motor driver and bluetooth

My dream board or PCB would be a single piece with arduino, dual motor driver and bluetooth class 2 or 3, to embed with the lowest cost as possible.

I was thinking to solder arduino micro 5v, a motor driver chip and the bluetooth chip HC-05 on a perforated board, but i don't know what motor driver chip to solder.

The motor driver chip need to operate at max at 12v and move a small or medium robot with differential drive. If it works i'd like to replicate it by designing a PCB and making a dozen of that boards:)

App controlled using arduino uno, android
The robot will think using a cheap smartphone(<80€) and use gps, accellerometer and compass data from the phone to command arduino through bluetooth or host … Read more