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Hexapod IK problem

Hi everyone, So I'm trying my hand at making a hexapod and have hit a snag which has me stuck now for a while. Basically I have built the hexapod and started coding it. Now I am trying to do body translation, i.e. the body moves but the feet stay perfectly planted, which works perfectly if I move the body up or down( my z direction). However when I move in the x or y direction, the feet do not stay planted at all. This can be seen in the 2nd and 3rd pic attached where the 1st pic is the starting position.

dead Lipo battery?

Basically I have zero experience with lipos but I just bought my first one, a 2s. First thing I connected it to my simple lipo charger but it would not charge it. I then connected it to my friends accucell and it gave a reading of 3.85 and the rest were zero. So appearantly one of the cells is dead, however when I measure the voltage with a multimeter between the middle connector and the two around it, it gives 3.78V and 3.78/3.79V. Now I have read they should be perfectly equal but I am confused why the charger gives zero rather then something like 3.78V.

Hexapod queries

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking of building a remote controlled hexapod from scratch including the code. However having never built anything like it and having basically no experience with arduino, I have a number of querys I would like your opinions on.