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Plugging in Picaxe board makes mouse freakout

Hey guys so i got the starter kit recommended on this website and ive put it all together got the wheels to turn the head to turn and still having problems with the readings from the IR sensor. 

i havent used it in a few months but today when i hooked it up to my computer with the programming cable it makes my mouse click and move to the far end of the screen and i cant control it. 

this only happens when the board is hooked up and if i hold down the reset button it stops.

any ideas on whats going on here??

this is the kit i have

robot starter kit IR sensor reading

I bought the starter kit recommended on the webiste and put everything together everything was going fine until i got to hook up the IR sensor and get its readings back.

all im getting is 242-245ish it seems like its oscillating at the top end of the readings, dosent matter if you cover the sensor or not the readings just keep oscillating.

can anyone tell my if i have a bad sensor or whats going on? i appreciate the help!