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Help Choosing a 3D Printer

I have been looking at the Ultimaker range, the original Ultimaker is available for about £900 (I am in the UK).

I found a Tech Rader Top 10 3D printers here but the only Ultimaker that was listed was the Ultimaker 2 Go but this only has a small print size and is restricted to PLA only.

Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance Arduino and Raspberry Pi


I am building and testing a telepresence wheeled rover bot that has two methods of control:

1. Web Interface (Manual Mode): This consists of a control panel on a web page served using WebIOPi on a Raspberry Pi which, when activated, sends commands to an Arduino Nano AT Mega328P via a two wire i2c interface (Forward, Back etc). 

Arduino Motor Control


I am working on a web controlled rover and need a little help with fine tuning the controls, I need more precise control over the motors.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

How can I get the Arduino to process a command for a given time period, I know how to invoke a delay between commands using time.sleep(Number of seconds) but not how to run a function for a given time. My guess is that it would be in a timed loop but I don't know how to do this.


Help Recovering Arduino Nano ATMega328P - Lost USB Serial


I have an Arduino Nano ATMega328P Clone with a CH340 USB - Serial Chip. During an upload it reset my Mac and now the USB Serial on this device is no longer recognised.

I have tried many guides to re-flash the Bootloader using another working Nano connected to the bad Nano via ISCP (6 Pin Header).

No matter what I try I cannot get the programmer to work, I just keep getting a Device Signature Error message:

Charging LiPo Batteries


I have a Turnigy 2 Cell 7.4v 2200mAh battery and iMax B6AC Balance Charger.

Web Control of Robot (RPi / Arduino) - Software Recomendations


I am enhancing my Arduino Nano based autonomous collision avoidance robot by adding a Raspberry Pi to stream video to a web page and provide manual control of the robot via buttons on the web page with the video stream.

So far I have installed Apache2 weberver and created a web page using Bootstrap with a button on it, I have successfuly connected the Arduino to the Pi via I2C and using a CGI Python script I can press a button on the web page to turn on an LED. 

Help with power circuitry

Ok so followng the advice in this thread and from these forums I have now bought a 7.4v and an 11.1v Turnigy LiPo rechargeable batteries (different voltages to be used in different applications).

Power For Motor Drivers (L298N and L9110S) and NanoATMega328 based Bot


I have been posting elswhere about building some low cost Avoidance Bots for a school robotics club. We have been using these L298N motor drivers but advice on here is that although they are handy and cheap the voltage drop is significant.

The motors are similiar to these.

Arduino Nano ATMega328 (CH340G Clone) is it dead


I have been using a Nano ATMega328 (CH340G Clone) this one here and its been working fine however earlier today during an upload my Mac decided to switch itself off?

Now the red light (power) comes on but it does not respond to anything else, the USB serial port is also not recognised, meaning that it is not communicating.