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sharp IR sensor for beginner robot

alrighty, so i'm about 80% done the robot detailed on the 'start here' page. however, i have NO idea what on earth to connect the sharp IR sensor to. the tutorial mentions anything labeled v or g, and analogue input one.. which area is the analogue input? also, in the picture, the sensor appears to be connected to something not labeled with any of these. and how do you go around connecting the unused inputs to v? it says there should be three unused in the tutorial, but if i was to hook it up where it seems to be in the picture, i'd have four unused inputs. if they even are inputs.

little 8 supplies

alright, so i've never actually built a robot before and all that, so i thought i'd look into starting with the little 8. however, none of the canadian/american online shops seem to carry either the 5V voltage regulator or the "bumper switches" mentioned in the materials. is there some other name for these, or some sort of acceptable substitute that can be found in one of the north american online stores?