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New Axepad for Linux Ubuntu users

The creators of Linux Axepad have created a .deb package for Ubuntu users. I was having issues with the other version off of rev-eds site. So far no issues with this one. 


Once you have it installed you have to open a terminal and run "sudo linaxepad"

I have an idea!

I am going to start on a humunoid robot. Starting with the legs then the body. Each part will use 1 picaxe chip. going to buy the servos this week. :D I think it will be a good learning experiance. 

Whats up!!!

Well I am continuing to work on some projects when I have time and money. The problem is I really dont have too much time and money. oh well. but its still fun to come on here and check out everything you rich people build. lol :P

Maybe someday I will build something cool. 

ARM CPU Assembly programming help.

I have a project in mind but I need some help getting started from you Assembly programmers.

I have a chip that I want to get a programmer for and then be able to program it.

The chip is iMX31L which seems to be related to ARM1136. I did a search for ARM programmers in google but I want to make sure I am getting the right thing.

I have been reading the datasheets here: http://www.freescale.com/webapp/search/Serp.jsp?qt=imx31l&QueryText=imx31l&baseUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.freescale.com%2Fwebapp&PART_NUMBER=&SEARCH_OPERATOR=Contains&Go.x=15&Go.y=13

This Wall-E is cool

Looks like a bit more than Animatronics. I think they have a working robot perhaps.


Avoid objects and able to be controlled by radio remote, avoids running into walls in RC mode by the SRF05
Using a
Marvin is a lot faster than Jasper. My wife named him. Right now he can just avoid objects with his SRF05 and is able to be controlled with a radio remote. The … Read more
Avoid objects, navigate around via ultrasound, can lock on in scan mode
Using a
Jasper is my version of the start here robot. He has a Picaxe 28x1 v A.5 brain. (Finally got my updated chip today!)He just avoids objects right now. Right now he … Read more

This is a great program for beginners such as myself. :D

Those of you who get Robot magizine prolly already know this. But for those who dont check out this site for Robotics training.



Hey something to check out.

Trying to help TheCowGod with picking a wiki for this site yesterday on the shout box has inspired me to start an all Geek community. I dont want to take away from this site and I love this site. I will always be a member to this site. But if you want to share something with my site it is called Geek Coalition. Then feel free. But I am using the Drupal engine with some mods.

Picaxe 28x1 Digital input and output programming help. :D

I got some digital line sensors. I am trying to do these steps:

Set the I/O line to an output and drive it high
Allow at least 10 us for the 10 nF capacitor to charge
Make the I/O line an input (high impedance)
Measure the time for the capacitor to discharge by waiting for the I/O line to go low

Here is my code currenly for testing.