Let's Make Robots!

I have an idea!

I am going to start on a humunoid robot. Starting with the legs then the body. Each part will use 1 picaxe chip. going to buy the servos this week. :D I think it will be a good learning experiance. 

Whats up!!!

Well I am continuing to work on some projects when I have time and money. The problem is I really dont have too much time and money. oh well. but its still fun to come on here and check out everything you rich people build. lol :P

Maybe someday I will build something cool. 

This Wall-E is cool

Looks like a bit more than Animatronics. I think they have a working robot perhaps.


Hey something to check out.

Trying to help TheCowGod with picking a wiki for this site yesterday on the shout box has inspired me to start an all Geek community. I dont want to take away from this site and I love this site. I will always be a member to this site. But if you want to share something with my site it is called Geek Coalition. Then feel free. But I am using the Drupal engine with some mods.

Well I did it now!

I switched to Ubuntu linux and I love it. Here is a movie of my desktop. It is not the best. I need to get a better screen recorder. There are lines going through the video. :( But I dont see that when I am on my screen. I love it though. I installed compiz-fusion. :D

Free electronic samples galore!

Here is a list compiled of a bunch of companies that send free samples to people. Most of them send only to business but you can get around that with some smooth talking (basicly tell them your a business). :D

I am getting like 25 packages from different companies. Everything from electronic plastic holders (make great robot bodies) to semiconductor IC's.




Have fun!

Spamming and other things.

About the spam issue.

1. Signatures are just dumb! There is no need for them even for /lolgeek. You can see my freaking name in the post. This should just be removed.

2. If you wanna talk spam and ADVERTISING just look in the components section of this site. one store has 95% of it. Which is fine with me but there is no addition data about these components. Some helpful "this is possible applications for this component" would be nice.

3. If you have an issue with someone take the 2 seconds out of your browsing on here to let them know in a polite manner.

Well Jasper is started!



Just added sound to him today. Now it is time for bed! Will work on specific sounds tomorrow. :P

My progress so far!

Here is a video and some pics. I need to redo it since it is going off to the side.






Robot Beginnings

Well I am starting! Will keep you posted on my progress and once it is done put it in here as a robot. :) Woot.