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simple robots collaborate to lift a human body above the ground

Hey guys, 

 I am trying with friends to design a relatively small and simple robots that can collaborate together to lift a human body or move a human from one place to another. The assumption is that the human is laying on the ground and will not be moving. Assume a very simple enviornment.. I have a basic idea in mind, but I would like to hear more ideas and suggestions..

connecting bluetooth module to T'Rex board to control a wild thumper


In my university's lab we have a wild thumper that we're able to control through T'Rex board as a main controller and through I2C and UDoo board, but when we connect a bluetooth module to the T'Rex is connects and the TX LED is on and the app is connected to the HC-05 but the robot does not move a single bit. None of the motors is responding to the app...The exact sample code loaded on the T'Rex website is used and I can't figure out what's the problem... Any help?