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[Update October 17, 2010] Preliminary videos added. [Update October 24, 2010] Robot Rally video added. Read more
Vision guided line following to start with
Using a
Video added August 16, 2009.  I'm using this platform to experiment with vision processing.  It uses the Blackfin Camera with the Matchport WIFI module. The … Read more
After some testing with Robot Bravo I realized that it would be helpful to have some other sensors to supplement the camera based vision.  I built a new platform … Read more

LMR "mark all as read"?

Is there a way to mark all items as read so that the "Unread posts" page can start fresh?  (Other than actually reading all posts?)


obstacle avoidance
Using a
My first robot.  Basic obstacle avoidance attempted, but it turned out that one of the servos wasn't working right, so it mostly just went in circles. Read more