Let's Make Robots!
  my bluetooth car, use AT89S52 + H-bridge + HC-05, remoted controlled by APP which was written myself on my xiaomi phone achieved a dream when I was a child. here … Read more
This car is my first robot, using Mega16, L293D, HC-SR04, breathing led with PWM. just easy function, to folllow object, cannot turn left or right, just go … Read more

My suggestion

Beginners like me want to build the same robots on home page
I think there are few documents about how to build them !!
So could the authors  supply some instructions of building your
robots when you post pictures of robots on home page ??
hehe , Excuse me , English is not my native language !!

I'm here again! How to choose the flyback diodes?

Shoule we see the stall current of the motor that robot used or anything else?

How to choose the transistor and the current limiting resistor of the H-bridge?

I often see the H-bridge circuit for the 3V motor(Model: 130), VCC is 3V, the transistors are 8050 and 8550,

I have some 6V motors, can I lift the voltage of VCC to 5v and use this circuit to drive these motors?

Is this harmful to the 8050 and 8550?