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Arduino Compiler Problem

Hey guys, I recently just sold a unit with an arduino in it that needs to be updated, but when I updated the Arduino enviornement/complier I got errors that were not shown on the old Arduino complier.

On arduino 0022 it gives me the ok

-Binary sketch size: 13920 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum)

Then on Arduino 1.0 i get this error:

Final.cpp: In function 'void loop()':
Final.pde:-1: error: call of overloaded 'write(int)' is ambiguous

I don't know what to do because i do not see any ambiguous writes.

Peek/Poke Problem

So from the help from people on the forum, I found out about storing varribles in internal memory in the PICAXE. So I had something to store over 30 measurements from an ultrasonic sensor. But when I tested peek and poke with two measurements, one came out the same and the other turned out different. Either it's something wrong with the code or PICAXE.

Here's my code.

No Decimals

So I'm testing my ultrasonic sensor for mmy turret and I have run across a problem. This is that there are only 27 word (w0,w1,w2) varriables. So I have to use byte variables (b0,b1,b2). The ultrasonic read the range into a word variable, so then I have to convert this big number down to the size that can fit into a byte. So I used division. b0 = w0 / 100. Then I ran into another problem. The Picaxe takes the next varriable b1 to fill it up with the deciaml place. So 19.24 would be b0=19 and b1 = 2. Now I don't want this because I need to use b2 and I need all those 50 varriables.

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Radio Remote Controller

I'm trying to build a remote control for my robot. I've tried online how to make the transmitter and receiver. I can't find any good ones and I can even hardly find some schematics on one. If anybody knows a website please tell me.

I also wander just in case if I can't find a good site, can the PICAXE send radio signals. If so, please give me a website.

PING Tracking

I'm working on this arm that tracks object movement with the PING Ultrasonic Sensor.

I kinda need some ideas on how to get it to track people. I've already got this mode set up. When you turn the arm on, a servo rotates the ping around to capture distances. It stores them in variables. Then from that it goes into a scanning mode where it takes a measurement in the same area. If the measurement is different, then it starts it's tracking. If not it continues taking and comparing measurements.

Camera + LCD Screen

I'm trying to make night vision. So I have this CMOS module and it has 1 line for video output. Then, I have a salvaged LCD screen from my dead ipod. I found this website for all the connections. So this LCD has all these separate connections for blue, green, and red. So I as wandering how I would hook up this one cable to 15 inputs in the LCD screen.

Devantech SRF02 Ultrasonic Ranger

I was considering about using this ulatrasonic sensor for my PICAXE. But I have major questions for this thing. How would you hook this up because it says stuff about the Tx and Rx pins on the Microcontroller. I also wander how to program this thing. I would use the PING, but it's range is too short. I need to know how to program this.

Motor/PICAXE Help

I have a problem. My PICAXE and my motors don't really like each other. The PICAXE runs the program fine, but then when the motors are added on, the PICAXE freaks out and skips lines of code. This happens all the time and I'm really frustrated.

I'm using the PICAXE 20x2 to send signals to a L298 Motor driver.

Here's my set up: