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Brushless Motor Control

I harvested some brushless motors out of a couple of old CD ROM drives and I was curious if building a controller from scratch is a daunting task or only semi daunting?  I know many people in the R/C world use them with typical ESC speed controllers but if I could build one istead of buying one that would be better obviously...

Arduino C, IF/THEN IF/ELSE with ranges

How do you define a value range in an IF statement?  I.E.  IF  analog.Read1 >= between 3 and 5  THEN do something

Nunchuk+I2C+CtCs Head Programming

So I read yesterday the Wii Nunchuk is I2C compatible.  I've been slowly working into the I2C protocol and the idea of storing preprogrammed "moves" is very appealing.  Ill be using an Arduino and ultimately my question is, can the Nunchuk act like the 3 axis model of Walters head ctC made to capture information?  I dont see why it wouldnt in theory but Ill know soon enough, my Nunchuk connector should be here soon.   
Navigate via Bumper switches
Using a
This is my first bot....as you can tell.  It is an on going learning experience for sure.  This is basically V1 as I intend to mount and wire everything in a … Read more

PING giving false readings

The PING sensor on my bot is working for the most part however it sometimes thinks someting is in front of it when nothing is there...I could have sworn I saw someone with a similar issue on here but I cant find the post now.  Any thoughts? 

A Bit Confused

What am I missing?  I attempted to start using routines in my programming but I am obviously not quite there.  I have 2 programs that from what I understand do the same thing but the one using routines doesnt do anything. 

First program:

int motorSpeed = 200;  // motor speed

// Motor Pins

int motor1_Pin0 = 11;
int motor1_Pin1 = 6;

int motor2_Pin0 = 5;
int motor2_Pin1 = 3;
// Switch Pin
int bump1_Pin = 2;
int bump2_Pin = 7;
int leftval = 0;
int rightval = 0;


YAAPQ = Yet Another Arduino Programming Question

 After struggling to wrap my head around programming the Arduino in C I completely understand why Frits recommends starting out with the PICAXE...However, I am too stubborn to give up and switch to the PICAXE so I have another question.

Difference between #Define and INT

I have seen both used in some Arduino tutorials and I was curious as to the difference.  From what I've read #Define ledPin 13 and int LedPin = 13; do the same thing.  What dont I know?

My Arduino code question

I have all the makings for my bot and as I assemble it I have been trying to write the code myself instead of copying and pasting but have run into a problem.  Could someone explain why this bit of code doesnt work like I think it should. = )

int motorPin = 4;
int inPin = 2;  
int val = 0;    

void setup() {
  pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(inPin, INPUT);