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Voltage Regulator

when i use the lm7805 oddbot's voltage regulator...the motor runs slow and the servo jitters...i test my voltage regulator it says 5.02V .85A...i used a 9v battery...how come its slower when i add V2??and cant run other programs that i coded

What Could be wrong?

i have this problem a while ago wherein i cant program the picaxe 28x1..

when i plug in the battery(4.3v) the servo jerks alittle bit  so that was an indication that the battery is workin...


but i cant program it...


i tried to put 5volts the servo doesnt jerk and still i cant program it...


i tested the programming cable its fine....



but after 8-10minutes... it suddenly works! what could have been the problem?


hope that doesnt happen again..

Two Power Supply



So is this correct? i would just remove the jumpers? connect the v1 to the battery clip(the 9volt thingy)? and solder v2?


v1 would be 4.5V

v2 would be 5V


Thank You Again...

Too Scared to try :)


are my connections correct?



i read the manual...


im having doubts though...


sorry for the annoying question :)Question.jpg

IR and Ultrasonic

is it possible to connect GP2Y0A21YK0F ir sensor as a obstacle avoiding and SRF005 as motion detection? btw im using picaxe28x


is it ok if im going to use 5v if i use the




1superbright LED

2 microswitch http://www.hvwtech.com/products_view.asp?ProductID=737 

im planning to do a robot based on frits design and blizz bot  but i will add some LED's for fun