Let's Make Robots!

Free BT Android Control App

I guess some folks have been looking for my old robot app. I decided to post it here for any/all to use for free. I have long since lost the instruction manual I wrote for it but it should be pretty easy to set up and use.

If anyone wants to write a quick info manual, please do.


Did you not notice the spam?!?

Ummm...   ...there is like, 4 or 5 wicked-major spam posts in the forum right now --and they have been up for almost 2 days now. Is anyone planning on deleting these?

In the "old days" these would have been gone in less than an hour.

God, this place has gone to "crap" with our new overlords.


WiiCameras Available

Hey Folks,

Just a quick heads-up. I finally got around to getting the WiiCam DIY kit up at the Marketplace. You can find it here:


Does anyone own the RocketBot App?

Hey folks, 

It seems that I have completely lost the instruction manual to my own app, the RocketBot Controller. I guess it didn't make the transition from Google Docs to Drive.

Is there anyone here who bought or is using my app who downloaded a copy of these instructions? I would love you forever if you could send me a copy.

If not, I am going to have to rewrite TFM...

Summer Sale $50 bots!

Well, its that time of year again --Kids are getting out of school and getting bored... What a great time to get your kids into programming and robotics!

For the whole of the summer, 2014, Rocket Brand Studios will be selling our Tadpole Educational kit for just $49.95! 

Storing Lotta Strings in an Arduino

Hello folks,

I bought myself an Adafruit Printer http://www.adafruit.com/products/597 and cut a little desktop case for it. For the record, it is a wicked-fun little gadget. 

How to "burn" records via laser cutter?

Hey guys,

A homie of mine asked me if I would look into the prospect of making records via laser cutter. Put simply, he wants to take an existing record, put it on a lathe, skim off the existing grooves, then proceed to "re-groove" via the output of a MP3 and some kinda mechanical device with a "cutter" of some kind...

Charging SLA's "super parallel"

Hey folks,

I have an electric bike, actually 2 bikes and an electric tractor. Most recently, I lost the charger to my main cargo bike and a replacement is on the slow boat from China. In the meantime, I have a 48V pack that needs to be charged. --I am quite anal about my SLA's --Left uncharged for any length of time is death to these batteries. 

In addition, I am about to "winterize" the spare e-bike and electric tractor and bring thier batteries inside. 

Rocket Brand Studios Black Monday through Friday


Hello boys and girls! 

Here in the States, it is becomming a trend nowadays for businesses to actually be open on Thursday instead of the traditional Black Friday --Gotta squeeze every minute of shopping time out of the people, no?

Well, here at Rocket Brand Studios, I think we can do even better than that! Why not the whole darn week?