Let's Make Robots!

Does anyone own the RocketBot App?

Hey folks, 

It seems that I have completely lost the instruction manual to my own app, the RocketBot Controller. I guess it didn't make the transition from Google Docs to Drive.

Is there anyone here who bought or is using my app who downloaded a copy of these instructions? I would love you forever if you could send me a copy.

If not, I am going to have to rewrite TFM...

Summer Sale $50 bots!

Well, its that time of year again --Kids are getting out of school and getting bored... What a great time to get your kids into programming and robotics!

For the whole of the summer, 2014, Rocket Brand Studios will be selling our Tadpole Educational kit for just $49.95! 

Storing Lotta Strings in an Arduino

Hello folks,

I bought myself an Adafruit Printer http://www.adafruit.com/products/597 and cut a little desktop case for it. For the record, it is a wicked-fun little gadget. 

How to "burn" records via laser cutter?

Hey guys,

A homie of mine asked me if I would look into the prospect of making records via laser cutter. Put simply, he wants to take an existing record, put it on a lathe, skim off the existing grooves, then proceed to "re-groove" via the output of a MP3 and some kinda mechanical device with a "cutter" of some kind...

Charging SLA's "super parallel"

Hey folks,

I have an electric bike, actually 2 bikes and an electric tractor. Most recently, I lost the charger to my main cargo bike and a replacement is on the slow boat from China. In the meantime, I have a 48V pack that needs to be charged. --I am quite anal about my SLA's --Left uncharged for any length of time is death to these batteries. 

In addition, I am about to "winterize" the spare e-bike and electric tractor and bring thier batteries inside. 

Rocket Brand Studios Black Monday through Friday


Hello boys and girls! 

Here in the States, it is becomming a trend nowadays for businesses to actually be open on Thursday instead of the traditional Black Friday --Gotta squeeze every minute of shopping time out of the people, no?

Well, here at Rocket Brand Studios, I think we can do even better than that! Why not the whole darn week?

WiiCamera's back in stock (Sorta)

Hey guys,

As many of you know, I stocked the WiiCamera board for many years, and for all of those years it has been a nightmare to keep these guys in stock due to the fact that I had to constantly troll ebay for broken Wiimotes to harvest. I occured to me that it would be easier for a individual person to find one broken wiimote to buy rather than me trying to find 300 at a time. Because of this fact, I am now proud to introduce the WiiCam DIY kit.

Good Pan/Tilt Code (Code example included)

I recently did a small consulting gig and built a one-off robot for a customer. The gig included the hardware but also the client needed some example code to get himself up and running a bit quicker. This turned out to be a great oportunity for me to sit down and clean-up some code that I have been using for years, in this case, my pan and tilt code...

So this guy happened last night. I have been inspired by the work of Mr. Protowrxs and his Box Head Robot and thought I needed a little deskbot as well. I also … Read more