Let's Make Robots!
So this guy happened last night. I have been inspired by the work of Mr. Protowrxs and his Box Head Robot and thought I needed a little deskbot as well. I also … Read more
Autonomous Drive, Line/ Maze Follow, Drawing, Mapping, RC Drive
Using a
Hey hey! Just as great as the Original Tadpole, but with 100% more wood! I was shopping on the ol' eBay's and came across some 3mm birch plywood, usually used in … Read more

Print your own CtC!


While I was at Maker Faire this year, I was booth-neighbors with the great Fredini who was 3d scanning folks the whole weekend. I was one of the luck folks to be scanned!


If you want your very own, printable Chris the Carpenter, please visit:


Attention People Attending Maker Faire NYC 2013

*****Update Friday, day before Maker Faire*********

I have a bit of a loose list of folks coming up to the faire this year. Once again, if you are coming to hang out at the LMR booth, please shoot me an email if I have not already spoken to you. Just want to be sure that everyone can get in.

*****Maker Faire NYC 2013*****


Less than a week left as I write this post guys, I thought it would be good to get the final ducks in a row here.

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce, "Walter II" (Walter II is this year's "big project" going with me to Maker Faire NYC 2013) In the style of the orginal Walter, I … Read more
Hey folks, Here is one I did just for fun. Yup, its a whole X/Y plotter and yup, its in a box! Woo Hoo! Its a pretty simple setup, the Y axis is via a 2" aluminum … Read more

Big Fat Sale at Rocket Brand Studios


Come one, come all. Rocket Brand Studios is having our very first sale of all time!

RBS is sitting on a fair amount of inventory right now and it would be nice to see if we can turn some of these robots into a bit more working cash for our up-coming trip to Maker Faire 2013 NYC. This all simply translates into savings for you!


Prep for Maker Faire 2013 NYC

Howdy Y'all,

We are starting to get close to Maker Faire this year and I suppose it is time to start getting some ducks in a row.

I am planning on attending Education Day as well as the Fair itself, representing both Let's Make Robots and Rocket Brand Studios. All are welcome of course, as well as your bots. It also looks like I will be the Big Chief of the Booth this year so feel free to drop me a line with questions etc., I am the "super head-guy coordinator guy of LMR at MF, guy".

Electromagnet Calculations

Hey guys, I think I really just need some help with Google search terms here...

I am making a solenoid, or more specifically, the coil part. I need to find an online calculator or some equations to figure out the proper gauge and number of wraps to give me a given resistance and/or strength. I am sure they are out there but for the life of me, I can not seem to put together the proper set of Google search terms to get me to where I need to be. I have been googling for over an hour now finding nothing of any use.