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Sharps, Sonar and a dead horse...

This is a dead horse, but...

Again, I am still sick of my sharp sensors. I am looking at  the LV-Max-Sonar(s) EZ(x) sensors as an upgrade... These are the "single-eye" sorta sonar sensors.

Open Question:

Has anyone played with these? Plus and minus for the output options (serial, an., pulse)? Is there clean data?  Etc. Etc.

Gimmie what you got.

Line follow sensor spacing ??

I am a bit embarassed to be asking this but... With everything I have done with Walter, I have never played with a line-follow set up. Now, the electronics I have down solid but I am a little fuzzy on the theory of opperation. I intend to use 4 sensors. Where do they go?


How to click a relay with a low signal?

I need to click a relay when a signal goes low. I have a couple relays on Walter, but they all click when signal goes high. These are pretty straight-forward, just a simple 5v relay, and a 2n222 NPN transistor to click it when a data-level signal goes high. --No Problem

Little circuit help with volt reg.

I am using designing a new PCB for a tidy way of connecting all my 5v doo-dads. It is a pretty basic set-up, 5v- 3a low dropout reg, the obvious caps and some nifty screw terminals. This is all pretty straight forward. Now I also need 3v to replace the (2) AA's in walter's mini ampified speakers. Would it be cool to just use a resistor bridge on this same 5v regulator board to get my 3v?

IF / OR Interrupt? Picaxe...

Hey guys,

I am playing with a 40x2 and the hintsetup and hserinsetup commands also with the flags commands... I would like to interrupt on either a hint signal OR a hserin input NOT both at the same time. It seems that with the various flags conditions, you can stack-up a bunch of stuff that has to be true to interrupt, but there is no "OR" --just a bunch of ANDS


Basically, "if hint1=1 and hint2=1 then inturrupt" but not "if hint1=1 OR hint2=1 then interrupt"...

***This post started as a poke at rik and his lack of ability to cut brass tube. As it seems people have gotten something from it. Here is a nice, nifty and proper … Read more

5V More Current

I've asked this before, but I have pay-pal cash now... Could someone suggest a cheap. simple (limited extra parts) 5v voltage regulator? I'm coming down from 7.2v so I am not coming down much but I do need at least 2  amps --3 amps would be nice too. I did some digikey searching but they have so many options, I was a bit confused.

Final Question:

I need a digikey part # for a good, limited extra-parts, 5v, 2+amps voltage regulator.

 Thanks  Bunches.