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EEPROM code for iCon...

This is a simple code that takes values from a pot and adc channel, writes it to the eeprom, then plays back these positions to a servo. This is a very basic version of what I use to prerecord moves for walter's head.


Gadget Gangster!

Well, they accepted my entry to the Gadget Gangster Father's Day contest...

Just thought you guys would like to take a little look (it one of my better videos). It's not a bad deal either, if a kit sells I get 20%. Actually, if you are looking for a fun, easy learn-to-solder kit buy one!! (I could use the money)

If nothing else, I wanted to drop a plug for Gadget Gangster over there, it seems  they have a pretty good set-up and Nick (the guy I've been talking to) seems to be a stand-up guy.

Help with 555 circuit.

Well, I have got the 38khz distance sensor working in picaxe form.



Now I am trying to wire-up a stand-alone unit with a 556. Now I know this is a RTF(data sheet) moment and I know the resistor/resistor*cap/2 (or whatever) equation, but the final circuit is still above my head. Are there any of you circuit guys out there that can do a little drawing for me? Maybe with a couple pots for fine adjustment? I plan on the final output going into a picaxe using the pulse-in command.

Thanks in advance.

Sneek Peek Walter 2.0

Just a little sneek-peek...

Where every connection is a servo connector --The way it should be.

New Boards:



New Head:




New "Backpack":


Experience with PCB's from Sparkfun

The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!!   ...PCB's actually.


Well, I just got my custom pcb's back from the one-off pcb service from Sparkfun. I gotta say, I am very happy. Granted, it took 3 1/2 weeks to get them but then again, I did get a total of 7 custom boards (with all the bells and whistles) for only 50 bucks including the "set-up" fee and shipping. I used Diptrace to design the boards and the software spit-out all the needed files. Super-simple, cheap, good boards and I'm happy, period.

In this order:

You as a sensor?

Quick question... I want to make sort of a "person switch". Two contacts, where each person would place one finger each on one of the contacts then when these two people would touch each other the circuit is completed. Now, I have not done any preliminary work on this at all --I havn't even measure-thingy'ed myself yet (I would assume we have to be talking some pretty major resistance here).

how do I inverse a number?

Man, I used to know this but tonight, I just can't seem to get it back... If I have a variabe that is coming in at between 0 and 255 and I need it inverted so that 0 is now 255 and 255 is now 0, what is the equasion? This should be so simple, I just can't seem to remember how to do it!

C'mon math Gods, gimme what you got!!

A little help with processing code...

alright I started with some sample code and it worked great -- I was able to left and right click on the square and send one of 2bytes via serial to my picaxe board. Here is the sample code:

First Serial Comunication!!

Alright guys, I have my first serial conection comunication going!! Picaxe to Processing via serial/USB. I don't have this up to youtube, instead I did a quick post to Phreadz. Here is the link:



Just like Voodoo, I got some code working as well. The first video has the picaxe spitting out 4 bytes (randomly picked by me when I wrote the code) as I hit one of the 3 buttons. Processing then takes these numbers and draws 1 of 3 lines.