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5V More Current

I've asked this before, but I have pay-pal cash now... Could someone suggest a cheap. simple (limited extra parts) 5v voltage regulator? I'm coming down from 7.2v so I am not coming down much but I do need at least 2  amps --3 amps would be nice too. I did some digikey searching but they have so many options, I was a bit confused.

Final Question:

I need a digikey part # for a good, limited extra-parts, 5v, 2+amps voltage regulator.

 Thanks  Bunches.

EEPROM code for iCon...

This is a simple code that takes values from a pot and adc channel, writes it to the eeprom, then plays back these positions to a servo. This is a very basic version of what I use to prerecord moves for walter's head.


Gadget Gangster!

Well, they accepted my entry to the Gadget Gangster Father's Day contest...

Just thought you guys would like to take a little look (it one of my better videos). It's not a bad deal either, if a kit sells I get 20%. Actually, if you are looking for a fun, easy learn-to-solder kit buy one!! (I could use the money)

If nothing else, I wanted to drop a plug for Gadget Gangster over there, it seems  they have a pretty good set-up and Nick (the guy I've been talking to) seems to be a stand-up guy.

Help with 555 circuit.

Well, I have got the 38khz distance sensor working in picaxe form.



Now I am trying to wire-up a stand-alone unit with a 556. Now I know this is a RTF(data sheet) moment and I know the resistor/resistor*cap/2 (or whatever) equation, but the final circuit is still above my head. Are there any of you circuit guys out there that can do a little drawing for me? Maybe with a couple pots for fine adjustment? I plan on the final output going into a picaxe using the pulse-in command.

Thanks in advance.

Sneek Peek Walter 2.0

Just a little sneek-peek...

Where every connection is a servo connector --The way it should be.

New Boards:



New Head:




New "Backpack":


Experience with PCB's from Sparkfun

The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!!   ...PCB's actually.


Well, I just got my custom pcb's back from the one-off pcb service from Sparkfun. I gotta say, I am very happy. Granted, it took 3 1/2 weeks to get them but then again, I did get a total of 7 custom boards (with all the bells and whistles) for only 50 bucks including the "set-up" fee and shipping. I used Diptrace to design the boards and the software spit-out all the needed files. Super-simple, cheap, good boards and I'm happy, period.

In this order: