Let's Make Robots!
As I wait for parts for Walter, I decided to get back to my "Start Here" bot. I had an old Playmobile tank which had some pretty fantastic treads on it. … Read more

New Project?

Just found some tracks off of an old toy... What do you think of this:


Plus this:



And get this?



What do you think?



5v regulated but with more current?

Simple question:

Is there a simple cheap upgrade to the good ol' 7805? I need the standard 5v but all of walter's extra boards (i.e. LCD backlights) are starting to get close to, if not over, that 1 amp that the 7805 has to give. I would assume I would never need more than 2, maybe 3 amps.

DC-DC thingies maybe?

40x2 is out

Well, it looks like the 40x2 is out... The picaxe website seems to have it. Before I make an order from England, has anyone seen it available in the US or Canada?

If I do order from the UK, what's that excange again? I double the pounds and that is just a little higher than it would be in greenbacks?

Portable, store-able, fences for robots
So I got sick of finding books, empty cases of beer and various planks of crap to use to keep bots from running into furniture and the like. I though for a while … Read more

Cheap geared motors supplier?

Anyone know of the super-duper cheapest place I can get geared motors? I am looking for something 6-12v, geared, with a final drive of somewhere around 100rpm... C'mon, yo -Somebody's got to have a wicked-good link, right?

--$16 a pop is too much...

LM324 question...

So, playing with oddbots distance sensor, the subject of using an op-amp to beef-up the signal was raised... I got a lm324 and did a little looking over the data sheets and quickly found there are about 4000 different applications for this little guy. Does anyone want to suggest a schematic that would be best to amp-up a signal coming from a IR photo-transistor?

RF and Sharps not playing together?


***Update 3.21.09***
With my new found osilloscope skills and a little tinkering, I think I have found the noise. As far as I can tell, it is all on the ground. Here's what I did:

You MUST hear this!!!

I was over at Boing Boing and saw this post. A man was qouted over and over .002 cents per K of data on his phone. He used about 30,000 K and was charged $76. After talking to 3 or 4 different people, he could not convey the idea that .002 dollars was different than .002 cents. The recording of the call is included, which must go on for like, 20 min. -not trying to explain the mistake, but just trying to explain basic high-school math!!!

Picaxe and iPods... OH YEAH!!

Just found this baby... I am now looking for hackable iPod connectors buyable from the US...



**Update** (5 minutes later --I love the Google!!)

Sparkfun has got them!!