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Write a algorithm for Chris and be Loved...

Well folks,

I have been working on this problem for 4 days now and don't seem to be making any headway. There has got to be a math or programming geek out there that can figure this one out. The video should be self-expanitory, and the chart with the values is right here. In addition, I attached the pic as a file as well (full size) so you might be able to see the numbers a bit better. --Sorry no scanner.



Did you know you can make your own custom characters for a picaxe LCD display? You can make up to 8 different custom characters using the cgram wizard under the … Read more

Read the manual! (A guide to newbies)

Well folks,

It seems we have a lot of newbies lately. This website is here to ask questions and get answers however, there seem to be a lot of questions popping up that sorta shouldn't be asked... Here's what I mean:

If you are new to electronics or robots or programming don't ask a question about step 487 when you know nothing of step 1, 2 or 3. Again, if you are new to this don't even think about motors or sensors etc. YOU NEED TO START WITH A BLINKING LED, period. Baby steps, folks!

Walter... FAIL!!

Well folks,

As it pains me to say, I have had a pretty major fail in the Walter dept... No blue smoke, mind you but I have found that getting 4 picaxes to talk to each other (while sharing serial and I2C devices) is no small task. I have more than 10 pages of hand-written notes with all my variables and pin assignments! Don't get me wrong, Walter will still live, but alas, it seems a major tear-down, downsize and rebuild is in my future... *sigh*

? Sending Serial Via IR?

So I read Frits's post about his little "data-in, data-out" RF doo-dads and it got me to thinkin'...

I need an asthetic opinion...



Just let me know, does this "work" visually with the Sharp sensors? --They are moveable and can look to the center and the outside, very practical but do they look right?


How to make port-c's into inputs

This is very simple, I have 2 picaxes talking to each other. I am already using the int command for another reason. Right now, I need to set up a handshake before one pic tries to send a serial command to the other and to be sure the 2 pics are not trying to send to I2C at the same time. I have portc 5 going to portc 5 and portc 6 going to portc 6. one 5 is an input, one 5 is an output. One 6 is an input, one 6 is an output. I have the outputs down: High portc 5 and high portc 6.


What is the command to allow a portc pin to become an input?

How to cut small brass tube

How to cut small brass tube... Didn't you read the title?

Coolest Hat (and wife) EVER!

You have goto see what Kari made me for my birthday!!!

Oh yeah, it's a hat with a pocket.


A pocket for my iPod!!!! Hell friggin' yeah, yo!!!


Kari is the most awesome wife EVER!!!