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Walter's eyes... And the Winner is...

 After coding and reviewing all of the entries, Kari, our (temporary) flatmate Eliza and myself have made a decision.

The winner is rik with the "I forgot my glasses" entry. --rik, you have been on a roll...


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Yup, I'm a lazy bastard...

If any of you folks find your self bored, drunk or both and you have a minute, why don't you help me design Walter's eyes.

Here's the Rub:

You can use any ASCII letter or symbol.

How do you know an EEPROM is full?

Simple as that. How do you know it is full?

I don't know how to calculate bytes and the such. But i am trying to stuff about 2000 byte variables on a 256 EEPROM. Each single variable (all variables are bytes between 0 and 255) is written to it's own address. The addresses are a word var. between 1 and about 2000.


Impossible Question...

I was driving with my son Phoenix, in the truck when he asked about the things hanging from my rear-view mirror and why they swing during corners. I explained centrifugal force, which he easily understood. The very next day as I was adding wood to the fire, he asked, "if there was a fire in your truck, would the flames bend when you turned"? First off, I was amazed and proud at what a kick-ass question this was coming from a 6-year-old. Second, I was struck with the fact that I had no friggin' idea. So, here is the question, fellow geeks and nerds...

Well folks, it works... It turns out I was trying to run this LCD from a bad Picaxe chip. Here is why the chip is bad Much thanks to rik (and all others) for their … Read more

USA Supplier for Picaxe Accesories

I have found it!

If you are looking for a US supplier for all the cool picaxe accesories found only in the UK... here it is!


The have:

The picaxe diplay

the good graphic display

the MP3 modual

Text to speach modual

and a bunch more!

I have not ordered from them yet but if you do, please keep us informed

Help with Picaxe and serial LCD

Ok Picaxe Basic Gurus... I think I need some code snippits...

My new serial enabled LCD just arrived and I can't seem to get it up and running. I am using what I think is the standard picaxe basic commands but I am only getting white blocks, x's and some other random symbols. To be honest, I am confused with a lot of the serial commands in general, the whole ASCII thing and anything written as 0x7C or 0x14 or whatever.

Here is the display.

Great servo control on the cheap! This is a bare-bones servo driver -no connects, no board. It does come however, with a resonator included. It  uses a standard … Read more

Can 2 picaxes talk to the same i2c device?

It's really a simple question, can 2 picaxes have their SDL and SCA lines tied together and both talk to the same i2c device?

Chris's Day Job

Hey folks,

I thought I would give you a peek a what I do for a living. I just finished this built-in for a HAM radio guy. The bead-board on the back wall is poplar and all hand milled while the desk and shelves are 6/4 and 8/4 African Mahogany. The finish is a hand-rubbed tung oil.


Shaving off a couple volts...

I am in the process of wiring Walter. I have my RC receiver outputs going into a 28x but I have run out of input pins! I need to use 2 of the ADC inputs instead but the ADC's won't accept a pulsin command. Problem solved, I am using a spare 14m to do a little translating for me. The 14m will accept the last two pulsin commands and send them off to the ADC's on the 28x. Here's the deal, the two remaining channels (from the RC unit) are "bang-bang" channels --they are still servo commands but not variable, they are only centered (150), full left (225) or full right (75).