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Can 2 picaxes talk to the same i2c device?

It's really a simple question, can 2 picaxes have their SDL and SCA lines tied together and both talk to the same i2c device?

Chris's Day Job

Hey folks,

I thought I would give you a peek a what I do for a living. I just finished this built-in for a HAM radio guy. The bead-board on the back wall is poplar and all hand milled while the desk and shelves are 6/4 and 8/4 African Mahogany. The finish is a hand-rubbed tung oil.


Shaving off a couple volts...

I am in the process of wiring Walter. I have my RC receiver outputs going into a 28x but I have run out of input pins! I need to use 2 of the ADC inputs instead but the ADC's won't accept a pulsin command. Problem solved, I am using a spare 14m to do a little translating for me. The 14m will accept the last two pulsin commands and send them off to the ADC's on the 28x. Here's the deal, the two remaining channels (from the RC unit) are "bang-bang" channels --they are still servo commands but not variable, they are only centered (150), full left (225) or full right (75).

Two Picaxes talking to each other...

Wow, I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately... Let me know if I become a question "ho".. At any rate, I am working on the serout and serin commands to get 2 picaxes to talk to each other, I can't seem to find a schematic in any of the manuals. Has anyone done this? If so, do I need any resistors? Pull-up, pull-down or otherwise?

Charge Controller Circuits

Hey folks, would any of you circuit-building guys start me in the right direction in terms of building a charger for a 10-20AH 12v sealed-acid battery? I think I have the basics down, but I could use a re-fresher... Trickle vs. Full and how does the charger know the battery is full? --I want to build a simple onboard charger for Walter and (really) I don't want to shell-out the 35 bucks they want for their little, stupid aligator clip charger. --Much love as allways for your knowledge!
Being quite inpired by Mintvelt's "FourEyes", I decided to give it a shot and try my own. Read more

What can a robot do?

I asked a question here about a robot's reaction to input coming from standard sensors. I got a lot of good answers and a lot of very useful information however I am now finding out I asked the wrong question...

I am going to re-ask here and see what I come up with.

Price: $15.95 USD
The Sharp GP2D12 is an excellent, well proven sensor. Its analog outputmakes is reliable and inexpensive, but a bit processor-intensive to use with a … Read more

Discussion of object recognition with distance sensors

I would just like to open the floor to any thoughts on the code would take for a robot to do a sweep with a distance sensor and get an idea of what it was looking at overall. We have seen object recognition (edge finding) a couple different ways and code to send a bot to open areas. What I am wondering now is about checking distances at different points of the sweep and (here's the important thing) to figure out what it is looking at.

I have figured out Walter's trailer...

Well as we all know, the basic drive system of Walter is now done and the whole family has taken turns riding it... Now I am on to trying to figure out what I want it to look like, do and all the features. One issue I have run into, is the dual-purpose nature of this bot. What I mean is that I really dig the fact it is powerful enough to move people around but I also want a nice, big deck for a lot of circuit boards, an arm, sensors, a proper head and batteries. Now, of course the trailer idea was thrown out...