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Rocket Brand Studios/ CtC Update 1.14.12

Well, RBS had a pretty darn-good December and it seems the Tadpoles are exactly what folks have been looking for. I decided to take the move to the new house as an oppertunity to go through the whole shop, tune-up, square-up, shapen and/or lube just about everything I own. I did a good tear-down/rebuild of the CNC and I even built a whole sound-proof room just for milling.

Yup, RBS is growing faster by the day. 2013 is already shaping up to be a good one. 




Cheap RX/TX via Fake X-bee? (X-bee footprint devices)

Hello, hello.

I am looking for a new, cheaper RX/TX system to carry. I would love it if I could find a cheap, solid device that shares the footprint and pinout of an X-bee. There are a few out there that I have found, but I cannot find any review etc. to help me determine if they are crap or not.

Does anyone use such a device? What is it and do you like it?


...And if we forget about the X-bee footprint/pinout issue for a sec, are there any RX/TX systems that folks are using that they particularly like?

Its been a long time coming, but I am proud to introduce you to the Tadpoles...   The Tadpole is simply a perfect platform for the beginners and advanced robot … Read more

Rocket Brand Studios/ CtC Update

Hey guys,

It has been a whirlwind around here for quite a while... Ever since Maker, it has been non-stop (and wonderfully exhausting).

I thought I would take a quick moment to record a video and let you guys in on the chaos and upcoming goodness.

Help finding cheap bulk X-bee headers

Hey guys, I am really stumped on this one.

I am running low on x-bee headers -- 1x10, 2mm pitch, female. I have done eBay and all the "hot spots" (jameco, goldmine, etc) and can't find these darn things! I have gone through all my email as well as hard-copy invoices and I can't even figure out where I got them the last time. 

I can, of course, find them at retail ($.90 to $1.00 /unit) but I can't seem to find them anywhere in bulk. I want to buy at least a 1000 and they should work out to < $.15/unit --Probably closer to $.05 /unit or so.

How To: Arduino to Parallax Serial Terminal

Well folks, I finally got around to doing this...

CTC's Destiny (I found the picture **and more!)


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I found the picture.

Must have been '88 or '89 maybe.


****UPDATE 10.16.12****

God Bless the Internets!!!!

(I found the original article)

PhotoTransistors (Top or Bottom?)

I am following in Mr. Oddbot's footsteps and once again, walking the road of cheap, IR-LED based obstical sensors. Put simply, I can not seem to replicate the results of the work of others. Let's do some bullet points:

A great design by RoboPaul

Paul, I am sorry to single you out here but this has to be said.

You gotta catch 'em doing it right.