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Run 2 Motors, Fwd and Rev with PWM Control
***Update*** Well, it seems I might have smoked something. I am in the process of testing the motor driver, with a load, and using 2 motors. While my "B" channel … Read more

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So the more I am working with picaxe products the more I am finding limitations to their boards...

Help with Schottky Diode


Just don't want to screw this up...



Which is correct? A or B?

Help with the HPWM command

Well, with my new motor controller parts soon in the mail, I am playing with the HPWM command on a 28x...

I am just plain lost, yo. I have re-read the picaxe manual about 40 times now, including the HPWM command and the HPWMDUTY command and am getting nowhere!

I have everything hooked up to a L293D -A,B hooked up to one side and C,D to the other. I can get the motors to spin and have had success in controlling their speed, but they are both stuck in one direction.

Volts and Amps... For Dummies

Well Folks,

It seems that I might be turning into the lay-person lingo translator around here so I thought I would use my new-found position to start posting some basic concepts...

I have noticed a lot of posts about running motors, motor drivers and the like so I thought I would do a post about one simple thing, there may be more to come.

Today's lesson is volts, amps and logic signals.

Here we go...

Volts are water-pressure and amps are the diameter of the pipe.

I need to build a BIG motor controller

Simple question,

I need to run a motor drawing between 7 and 10 amps at about 18 volts. (I think a similar question has come up reciently)

I am looking a these which is a big brother to the L293D. It says it will handle 2 amps per channel.

Question: Is it as simple as ganging up in 5 of these units in paralell to get my 10 amps? 


Question IRIN Command Picaxe

I am using the irin command right now and am running into a really simple problem...

It goes: irin [timeout,address],pin,var 

The timeout is how long you want it to wait before skipping ahead to the address and the pin and variable are pretty self-explanitory. What I want to know is, what address do I use if I want it to just go to the next line of code? I don't need it to go to a whole other place in the code, just the next line. --Any thoughts?

With my new-found knowledge from my last test base comes the new tail-dragger! This robot is built from VEX parts using my own brain, servos and custom parts. As … Read more

IR Distance Sensor Placement

Well folks,

I have now upgraded to a total of 4 Sharp IR distance sensors on a single robot (in addiition to a sonar sensor in the middle on a servo). I want this bot to drive entirely off the IR sensors leaving the sonar to simply find "interesting" things to drive toward.  In the past, using only 2, I have tried many different placements... I have tried:

One on each corner, shooting straight forward

From the middle shooting out to the corners

On each corner shooting to the opposite corner (crossfire)

With much help from my LMR homies, I have figured out i2c and EEPROM's! This is just a little video of my first test. Oh, the possibilities now that I can record … Read more