Let's Make Robots!
  Well, here's a fun one I built out of a bunch of parts stolen from one of my first bots: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/589   Read more

Support SparkFun!!!!!!!!!!

Hey folks,

So I just had a total, smoking melt-down of 4 IR distance sensors. To say I was quite upset would be an understatement. At the same time, my wife and kids are on holiday for the next week leaving me in a nice, quite house with time to work on my robots. Now, I have the time... But no sensors.

 I just got off the phone with Paul from Spark Fun ( http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php )

Now, I can't say exactly what they did to accomidate me, but I can say I AM A VERY, VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!

Listen to this:

Code question with a line follow sensor...

So I am trying to add a encoder on one of my wheels so the robot knows how far it has gone/turned. I am using a simple IR line follower sensor and this on one of my gears:


The sensor can tell the diference between black and right obviously, and the sensor works well -I have had it blink a LED on and off and it worked great.

Now I am trying to get the picaxe to count the white spaces and am running into problems...

Here is the code I am using now:

Please Help Me Code-People and Fritz

Hey Fritz (and code people)

I am still using your good ol' (the one using the fr05)... and it's still great! I modified it to run servos as motors instead of a motor dirver chip. --Here's the deal, I am using a FR05 on a servo in the standard configuration but the way I have it mounted is quite high up. I have added (2) Sharp IR distance sensors down low in order to catch anything that the FR05 misses. Sort of a "whoa, I didn't see that..." extra safety. 

Here is what I am trying to insert --I thought it would be super simple!!

So I got a "Vex" Starter Kit for Free!!
Using a
So here's the deal folks, I scored this cool "Vex" starter kit... FREE!!  It is not actually a robot as it sits, more a build-your-own R/C car (you have to buy … Read more
A nice, simple base running on good ol' Fritz code
Using a
Well folks, Here's another entry based on Fritz's great code. One goal I had was to not have anything soldered directly to the main board. Instead I installed … Read more

I need some ideas folks...

So here's the deal,

I just ran into this cool old robot thing... Originally from the Nintendo 1.0 it is full of possibilities.


The arms travel up while the claws close, they open as they lower. 

The base has room in it for 4AA's and a small board.

The arms can also swivel 360 degrees while the head stays stationary

Also -The base is the exact right size for standard tracks.



I need a cheap RF camera

Does anyone know where I can get a small, very cheap, very low res RF camera? I want to put a camera on my dog's head and use it for a webcam stream. The camera needs to be kinda small but the size of the transmiting box doesn't matter as long as it is a seperate unit. At the recieving end I just need some kind of video out -USB would be fine too... Whatever.

Anyone heard of such a thing?