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Started Building the Stand-Alone 3D Printer


It has begun. I have started work on the stand-alone 3D printer.

@3D guys --Lube LM10UU bearings?

I think this is directed to Bird, Tin or Geir,

Did you guys have any issues with your LM8UU bearings? My LM10UU bearings showed up yesterday (identical to "standard" reprap linear bearings but 10mm instead of 8mm) and of course, I quickly had them on my drill rods to start playing with them. They are chunky and simply don't slide all that well. I have found I can rotate them around the drill rod and find a "sweet spot" but what ever I do, the are just not that friction-free feeling I was expecting.

30 Posts in 30 Days (Personalized tutorials just for you)

I have gotten to the point where I can start to step back a bit from the business (Rocket Brand Studios) and take a breath. I have everything refined a bit, parts coming in and orders going out is becoming very routine. This all translates into a bit more time for me to do what I wanted to do in the first place --get folks going in their new hobby. 

How to align PCB for 2-side milling?

Hey guys, I am starting to mill PCB's with my CNC and getting very good results. I am down to .01" trace width with no problem. I even made a vacuum table as well. The top surface of the vacuume table has been machined by the CNC to be perfectly flat as well. It works amazingly well.

Rocket Brand Studios New Products 2.7.12

The new products are in! The new products are in!

CTC CNC The building has started.

I started welding on the CNC project today. Woo Hoo!

Blog Entries:

Intro: Materials, costs and where I bought stuff

Day one, building Z axis 1.14.12

CTC CNC Step 2 (Ordered Parts)

Yup, I'm gunna do it. I am building a CNC.

Oh, where do I start? --Seriously, where do I start?

Rocket Brand Studios New Products 11.19.11

Oh, we gots so much good stuff...

The Nano Undershield is now available as a combo with a Arduino Nano included, the Medium Tank is out and both the Tiny Tank and Medium Tank come in awesome colors!!

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