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POV Via Dog


If you don't think this is wonderful, you should be slapped.

POV via dog.


Getting the internets to talk to my robot.

I swear I did my googling first. The problem actually, is a bit of info overload. Need some simple answers...

I would like to start looking at "connections to the internet", software on the PC and robot-brains. Assuming that the microcontroller part of things would just be a I/O device via say, Bluetooth, I think I am really asking about the connection from "internet" to software on my computer.

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Sneak Peek --Walter's TX, LCD and Graphics

Sneak Peek --PCB's are on their way...

CTC I am in the Make it Tweet Contest

Just thought I would drop a link...

I finally got around to Instructable'ing my Glen the Stove/ Twitter project. As it is, I needed to do so to enter in the Make it Tweet Contest. I did and I am.

Here is the linky-link.

Everything the Start Here Robot does
Using a
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Wild Thumper --Voltage drop with no current

So this is a new one... and sorta weird.

I think its called 8-bit parallel transfer? Maybe?

I got a hold of a nifty speech recognition unit after seeing it work here. The kit works quite well and includeds a little display consisting of a couple 7-segment LED's and some drivers. The two drivers are HCF4511BE BCS to seven segment latch/decoder/drivers.

Why are my volt regs so hot?

Simple question:

I am drawing next to nothing from my volt regs and they continue to get hot! I have tried 3 different regulators, a 7805, one with a 3A output and now, one with a 5A output. I have my meter between the battery and the input of the volt reg and I am drawing less than 1/2A ( 440mA to be exact). Even at this level, the heatsink gets too hot to touch.